8/23/2017 By Bill Rebane
What’s going on, on the net? Social networking sites and movie content providers  are all of a sudden rushing into self production of wrap arounds and entertainment content. My hunch is it’s all to make a bigger buck. Will it be a new acquisition source for independent product? A good question? But we are checking. The answers soon—-

Balcony Theater Ltd. The new kid on the block for Global VOD with a big library of vintage movies suffered another set back of going live. “Nothing serious,” stated Roger Whittaker, President. Just a lot of paperwork and uploading tasks. After all everything has to be just right before reaching millions around the globe.- Next going live date I am told; By next week around the 27th . Watch for it and subscribe. Keeping in mind, it may be the perfect venue for your next picture—–

Something new for screen writers. will be the only internet venue which will publish original screenplays and hype them for sale. Screenwriters have a tougher time then independent producers to get their creative works on the big screens. Publishing their special work first will also generate a new venue for agents and studio readers as well to look for the best. It’s never been done before—-

IAP is never on the tail end of trends. It creates trends


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