Two old but never before released on the inter net or DVD are going
public now.”The Paulding Light” aka “Mystery Light of the UP”
Now proven  a true phenomenon and real  mystery  that has
puzzled viewers of the light near Paulding Michigan for over
half a century. It’s there day or night for all to see. It’s origins ? No body knows. Anyone into unexplained mysteries will get a few clues of what it’s all about. The Paulding Light documentary is the one and only ever made about this phenomenon.

“The Roar of Snowmobiles”  was an NBC special produced
during i the late 60’s and early 70’s as an introduction to  the now most popular winter outdoor activity.
Covering the history of snowmobiling and featuring the first
world championship Snowmobile  races in Eagle Rive Wisconsin.
Now only available through Independent Artists PIctures

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